Independent leisure company

We found our way as an indepent leisure company

In the past few years we have gone through a development that has brought us to what we are today: an independent leisure company. A company that wants to achieve short and long-term commercial success. We use the profits we make to invest in innovation, growth and balance. In this way we can maintain our organization and products in a sustainable way.

Our mission
Leisurelands is a commercial company that offers leisure activities to a wide range of public in a sustainable way. It does so with leisure facilities with the natural setting as a backdrop. To this end it operates land-based operations for themselves and for others. In this way Leisurelands wants to contribute directly and indirectly to the quality of life and leisure in the region where it operates.

Our strategy
Since we became independent in 1999 we have applied a market-oriented strategy. We periodically adjust our strategy on the basis of market developments and market expectations. The basis of our business is directed at the sustainable operation of our recreation areas with an up-to-date leisure product that will appeal to a wide range of public and we receive no subsidies. Within this strategy we carry out two types of activities:

  • Together with our partners (recreational entrepreneurs) we invest in products and services in our recreation areas. These areas have a regional or superregional function, some even a country-wide function. The foundation of our business operations is formed by the large groups of (day) holiday makers who engage in relaxing activities offered by the various leisure providers in our areas. These providers are entrepreneurs who offer a wide range of services and products for leisure, preferably less dependent on the weather and season. These entrepreneurs do not only provide more liveliness and activities in all seasons. They also generate more revenue, lower costs and positive publicity for our sites. In addition to these direct effects for ourselves, these entrepreneurs also produce many indirect effects. For example employment, and income from taxes on real estate, tourist tax and stamp duties, fun and entertainment, a better social infrastructure and more welfare.
  • We develop services and products that support our sector or fit in with our sector. We do this because the market neglects it and because we see an added value in it. Examples of these services and products are:
  1. product innovations
  2. biomass projects
  3. training and education
  4. sand extraction
  5. project development

While developing these services and products we consider the social return.

We have laid down our CSR We have given a formal status to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy within our organization. For this purpose we have formulated this directive: ‘To Leisurelands Corporate Social Responsibility means that it takes account of the impact of its business activities on the environment and people inside and outside the organization. Leisurelands wants to work at an optimal balance between making a profit and stimulating a good social and natural environment.’