General information

Leisurelands manages and operates a total of twenty day recreation areas and a marina. Ten areas are located on the Veluwe, four in the vicinity of Nijmegen and six in the Achterhoek and Liemers. The marina is in Hattem. Each area is unique. Each year our areas attract between five and six million visitors.

Key figures (2017)

Total ground area:         2,389 hectare (of which 200 hectare agricultural)
From which is water:   783 hectare
Total length of beaches:   14.447 meter
Total amount of parking spaces:   30,950
Total number of marinas:   12
Total number of visitors:   between 5 and 6 million per year
Total number of events:   700 per year

From public organisation towards recreation company 
In 1962 a number of municipalities on the Veluwe founded Recreatiestichting Noord- en Midden-Veluwe, which later on became RecreatieGemeenschap Veluwe. Since that time more than fifty years have gone by. RecreatieGemeenschap Veluwe no longer exists. Since 1999 we have been RGV Holding BV, an independent recreation company. Since March 2015 we changed the name into: Leisurelands. A more international en commercial name. The name Leisurelands stands for what we are and what we do.

About our organization ...We operate recreation areas for a wide range of public. While doing so we try to take into account the different, sometimes conflicting interests of various groups in society. We do so by basing our entrepreneurship on a fundamental respect for people and the environment. In this way we want to contribute directly and indirectly to the quality of life and leisure in the region in which we operate. In this brochure you read how we fill in our company and our entrepreneurship.

... and twenty beautiful recreation areas. More than fifty years of Leisurelands have developed twenty beautiful recreation areas. We look forward to go on exploiting them in an entrepreneurial, socially responsible and profitable way, for at least another fifty years.