Sustainable recreation

We choose for sustainable growth

We want to grow. Our business strategy is focused on this. Growth is needed in order to be able to continue to invest in existing and new products. Growth creates jobs and income to everyone who (partly) depends on our success: our employees, our suppliers, our customers, our investors and our users. But growth should not be at the expense of everything. Developments must fit in with our business ethics. Because we want to be a sustainable enterprise, in the broadest sense of the word.

In CSR it is a matter of sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word. When making decisions, a sustainable enterprise does not only take money into account, but also social and environmental aspects. Thereby it creates parallel interests for shareholders, employees and the environment. In this way it can both take care of people and environment in the long term and continue to make the profit that is needed.

We want to achieve growth in four ways:

  1. Growth of the number of visitors on our recreation areas.
  2. Growth of the number of entrepreneurs and investors located on our recreation areas, within the balance and scale of our sites.
  3. Growth of the number and size of the recreation areas.
  4. Growth of products and services in our industry.

Negative development also has an advantage
There is too large a supply of leisure activities. As a result, the majority of our sites with the traditional product of day recreation are too large. That leads to exodus. That negative development also has a positive side: there is more room for new developments. 

In our strategy we have fully integrated sustainability. Sustainability is a leading guideline in our business operations. Sustainability is not just about how we deal with natural resources, it also has to do with economics and business models. As far as sustainable business is concerned we first look critically at ourselves. We always ask ourselves where and how we can work in a more sustainable way. Which business processes we can make more sustainable.