About us

Leisurelands is a professional and sustainable company that provides activities for a wide audience. Leisurelands operates 20 recreational areas in the Netherlands. These are situated on the Veluwe, around the city of Nijmegen and in the Achterhoek and Liemers. The recreation areas attract millions of visitors every year which gives our company also an important role towards the society.

A unique position in the Netherlands

In the center of the Netherlands there are twenty day recreation areas that we manage and operate. These recreation areas can be found on the Veluwe, around the city of Nijmegen and in the Achterhoek. The recreation areas offer accessible (beach) recreation in a green setting with lots of water, where you can walk, swim, relax and have a picnic. In addition, these recreation areas offer more and more high quality commercial activities, such as water skiing lanes, (short)golf courses, marinas, outdoor activities, waterside catering, wellnesscenters, an indoor adventure play area and a (kite)surfing and diving center. These activities are offered by entrepreneurs.For that purpose they lease from us a part of the grounds or they hire a building from us. In this way we receive income for the maintenance of the recreation areas and can continue to offer accessible day recreation.

We have a unique position in the Netherlands. Traditionally there are ‘recreatieschappen’ whose task it is to provide leisure activities in the immediate vicinity. In the Netherlands there are still a decreasing number of ‘recreatieschappen’ that work in this way. They get funding from councils and provinces for their work and with this funding they can maintain the recreation areas. We distinguish ourselves by generating our own income and not being dependent on funding of councils and provinces. We get income from rent and lease revenues, events, parking fees and sand extraction. This sand extraction will soon come to an end so we need to look for other possibilities instead.